Try Something Different for Dinner-Visit Magnificent Garden

Enjoy fresh, flavorful Korean BBQ at our new restaurant

Magnificent Garden offers a unique Korean BBQ dining experience you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to introduce you to new and exciting flavors through a combination of fresh meats and Korean-inspired spices and marinades. We also offer beer and wine to complete your meal.

We'll walk you through the grilling process to ensure that your meal satisfies your taste buds. Whether you're a master on the grill or a novice in the kitchen, you'll enjoy dining at Magnificent Garden.

Eager to try authentic Korean dishes prepared by experienced chefs? Choose a dish from our entrée menu. Be sure to ask about our vegetarian options.

Beef stew

Short rib soup

Learn to cook Korean-style food

Magnificent Garden aims to make our dining experience fun for the whole family. When you dine with us, you'll get to:

  • Select your own meats - We'll bring our full selection to your table so you can explore all of your options.
  • Choose your sauce - We offer a wide variety of original Korean-inspired sauces, seasonings and marinades for you to choose from.
  • Grill like a pro - Don't worry if you've never tried Korean BBQ before. We'll make sure you know the best way to prepare your meal.
Spice up your life and experience authentic South Korean culture. Visit Boise, Idaho's only Korean BBQ restaurant to enjoy a whole new dining experience.