What makes our dining experience different?

Magnificent Garden is the only Korean BBQ restaurant in the area. Our dining experience is unlike one you'll get at a traditional American restaurant. When you dine with us, you'll get the chance to:


Introduce new flavors to your palate


Learn to cook a new style of food


Enjoy built-in dining entertainment

Savor the traditional flavors of Korea at Magnificent Garden. Call us today for a reservation.

Founded on freshness

Our food philosophy is simple: fresh is always better. Native to the Asian culture, we strive to share our love of great food through fresh, savory dishes. We've brought the best of Korean culture and cuisine to Magnificent Garden. Our spices and seasonings are inspired from traditional Korean cuisine to create original, mouth-watering flavors.

Satisfy your cravings at Magnificent Garden in Boise, ID.

Savor the Flavors of Korea

Join the Korean BBQ craze at Magnificent Garden

Korean cuisine is full of deep-rooted culture that presents itself in fresh, tasty flavors. Magnificent Garden introduces the best of Korean cuisine to Boise, ID.

We combine the freshest ingredients with savory Korean flavors to give you the entertaining and inclusive dining experience you deserve. At our unique restaurant, you'll explore the excitement of preparing and cooking your own Korean-inspired dishes right at your own table. Experience a whole new way of dining while satisfying your cravings at Magnificent Garden.

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